Monday, 13 June 2016

Anxious Fran Abroad | When In Paris...

A couple of weeks back I spent 36 fabulous hours in Paris.
It was my 27th birthday and I guess if I was any other person this trip would have been a surprise, but this is me and I hate surprises (no, really); so I was told about it a few weeks in advance so that I could mentally prepare.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Anxious Fran | What's In My 'EAK'?

What is an EAK I hear you ask? 

It is safe to say I am a well prepared (ok, slightly over prepared) lady who is ready for most eventualities and my EAK, also known as my 'emergency anxiety kit', is something that I carry round with me in my handbag, or rucksack (who am I kidding, I am a rucksack girl) at almost all times. It is full of items that I use on those occasions when anxiety or panic strike and I am least expecting it. 

|Rucksack from FJÄLLRÄVEN; Kånken Mini in Deep Red.|