Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Not So Secret Love...

I am one of those women (I've decided that now I am slap bang in the middle of my twenties that I am no longer a "girl"), who is most impressed/pleased by the smaller things in life. One of the things that I love, and that impresses me, most... lists.

Yup, I wrote that... I love lists.

I write at least one new list every day, and forever find myself updating the numerous lists that I have already written. Whether it is things that I want, need to do, need to buy, need to pay, want to do... I write it down. I sleep with a little pen and notebook  in the drawer next to my bed, so that I can write anything down that I think of in the night (I HATE being kept awake by bad thoughts). I also abuse OneNote, Apple's "notes" and various other apps on my iPhone/MacBook and store so much information in them.  

So, I thought I would present you with a list of why I love lists;

1. Lists simplify matters, massively.

2. Lists allow you to take all the thoughts clogging up your mind, write/type them down, and then declutter them. Great for anxious folk like me.

3. Lists are an almost fail safe way of making sure you don't forget things. Unless you forget the list... in which case, you have no hope.

4. Reading lists that other people have written is quality entertainment. I love a Bustle/Refinery29/Buzzfeed list. 

5. Hand written lists are a good excuse to buy new stationary/notepads/whiteboards/chalkboards.

6. Generally speaking, lists are familiar to us, we grew up with them; Eg. Shopping lists, christmas lists, to do lists...

8. Lists are a good way to record past events. I am really sad and have a list of all the concerts I have ever been to in my Notes app; I don't want to forget when I'm a little old lady - there have been a lot. 

9. Lists can be amended, especially if they are stored electronically or you are sad, like me, and write everything in erasable ink.

10. Lists can be decorated to look god damn snazzy and fabulous; coloured pens, bold, italic, font changing... the options are endless.

11. A list in an instant promiser of knowledge that you might not have readily available elsewhere.

12. Left brain functioning folk (I'm half, half) love a list due to their order and linearity.

13. If you happen to be in an argument and you whip out a list of reasonings, although you may have just lost your cool points/dignity, you've won.... END OF.

14. Stuff on lists can be crossed off, giving you a sense of achievement, or relief, almost immediately.

15. When lists are numbered, you can refer back to previous points, which makes life much easier (see reason 1).

I am sure there is much more I could add to this, so I might just come back and update this post in the future. For now I shall leave you with a screen shot of my favourite list that I've ever started...

Fran x