Thursday, 8 September 2016

Anxious Fran | Post Lunch Panic

My relationship with food is an odd one; I love it, but actually eating it can sometimes be problematic. So I thought I would share with you my experiences with 'post food panic attacks'.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Anxious Fran Abroad | When In Paris...

A couple of weeks back I spent 36 fabulous hours in Paris.
It was my 27th birthday and I guess if I was any other person this trip would have been a surprise, but this is me and I hate surprises (no, really); so I was told about it a few weeks in advance so that I could mentally prepare.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Anxious Fran | What's In My 'EAK'?

What is an EAK I hear you ask? 

It is safe to say I am a well prepared (ok, slightly over prepared) lady who is ready for most eventualities and my EAK, also known as my 'emergency anxiety kit', is something that I carry round with me in my handbag, or rucksack (who am I kidding, I am a rucksack girl) at almost all times. It is full of items that I use on those occasions when anxiety or panic strike and I am least expecting it. 

|Rucksack from FJÄLLRÄVEN; Kånken Mini in Deep Red.|

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

"We Haven't Visited The Car For a While"

When I first started to suffer with anxiety and panic attacks I would ALWAYS want someone with me. Now I am the opposite; I choose to take myself away from others and ride the anxiety out alone. I do this so that nobody has to watch, comment or try their hardest to help me, when all I need them to do is sit next to me in silence. Dealing with anxiety in private makes me feel less embarrassed (panic attacks aren't pretty for anyone), I feel less guilt about ruining other peoples 'moment' AND I find it helps me relax more.

Normally this is fine; I live with one housemate (a best friend of four years who gets it all), so I consider my home to be my personal space or a "safe place" where I can be as anxious as I like. The thought of having to stay somewhere else (even if it is for a leisurely trip) gets me anxious. The thing I value most about my "safe place" is that I don't have to take myself away, I can just be.

So, picture this... a weekend away in a holiday home, living in close vicinity with ten other people (whom I love dearly) and five dogs (that I also love dearly, but happen to be allergic to - *takes inhaler*). Exciting?... yes! Nerve wracking... definitely!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

'Aeroplane Mode'

Anyone who's mind spends 95% of it's time in overdrive (like mine does) will know what I mean when I say that sometimes the urge to temporarily shut everyone out is overwhelming. 
My saviour in these times of mental haziness... aeroplane mode.  

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Not So Secret Love...

I am one of those women (I've decided that now I am slap bang in the middle of my twenties that I am no longer a "girl"), who is most impressed/pleased by the smaller things in life. One of the things that I love, and that impresses me, most... lists.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Medicate Your Madness?

Here in the UK there seems to be a big debate in society as to whether or not treating mental health conditions with pharmaceuticals is the best thing to do, especially in the long term; yet "pills" are probably the first thing your GP will offer you. If there is an underlying biological cause behind a mental health condition (bi-polar for example, which can be genetic or neurochemical), then treating it with medication seems like the right thing to do, surely? However, if a mental health condition is purely psychological (like my anxiety for example) are meds really the right answer? Opinion is divided and I for one am torn.